From the beginning, 44 Ventures and its companies have worked closely with the Appleseeds.

About Appleseeds

For over 20 years we have worked to reduce the digital gap in Israeli society in three main areas: employment, youth, and digital lifestyle. More than 1.3 million Israelis lack digital orientation, 900,000 children lack consistent after-school enrichment, and following COVID-19 there is a generation of job seekers who have no certainty about their future. As the dependence on digital skills grows, the economic and social gaps between those with technological capabilities and those who lack them have widened to a degree that now threatens the health, prosperity, and very fabric of Israeli society.

Appleseeds promotes digital equality in Israel by developing and implementing programs in the fields of technology employment, life and leadership skills development for youth, and digital literacy for underserved populations. By making technology accessible to the periphery, Appleseeds is actively helping to reduce socio-economic disparities in Israel and to make it a Startup Nation for All.


Appleseeds is proud to be an integral part of the City of Ramla. In 2017, Appleseeds established a social-technological campus in the city, which serves as the organization’s headquarters, as well as a Social Tech Hub for young entrepreneurs, advanced technological training, and the surrounding community.