44 Ventures is a private equity group investing in and working with global media companies.

At 44 Ventures, we love to cultivate diamonds in the rough. We believe that each entrepreneur is special in their own right and has a unique gift, talent, or ability that can be found, polished, and elevated. We know how to identify the potential in people and ventures, the ones we can grow from the bottom up together, develop, and maximize so they can reach their heights and beyond.


While 44 Ventures (formerly WeEndeavor) launched in 2014, its origins actually started in 2002, when CEO Jacob Nizri began his entrepreneurial journey at start-up company Oridian as an intern in the sales department. After working his way up, Nizri was appointed CEO in 2006 and was at the helm when, in 2007, Oridian was sold to Ybrant Digital. There, he later became company chairman, assembled his team and launched and purchased another two companies. In 2014, the fab four embarked on 44 Ventures, bringing all separate holdings under one centralized board and creating new ventures under the investment and management arms.

A game of numbers

44 Ventures has been a part
of 15 companies.

44 Ventures Group includes 250 employees in 10 countries.

Our portfolio companies interact with more than 200 million people each month.

The team

At 44 Ventures, we love to cultivate diamonds in the rough

A strong drive to mutual entrepreneurship

Having been ourselves on the periphery outside the big city center, we love bold, outlier thinking and pride ourselves on recognizing value, talent, and opportunities that others may miss. We value those who are not shining stars but, rather, hardworking folks and team players who are determined, driven, and hungry and who might otherwise fall under the radar. We seek those looking to build something great and meaningful together so that we can buff them up and help them grow.

Why join us

44 Ventures provides entrepreneurs with everything they need – from funding and momentum at the beginning to professional advice, joint thinking, strategic guidance, mentorship, support, assistance from the sidelines, and more. When needed or in a crisis, we intervene. Generally, we bring a variety of relevant digital assets (e.g., media, advertising, and content), synergistic capabilities within the group, good people, and an excellent team to run with. Ultimately, entrepreneurs have everything they need with us so that they are empowered to focus on business development, success, and growth.